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16 December 2020 @ 08:32 pm

Selectively Adding/Not Adding

This is a friends only journal. I'm currently selectively adding people who have things in common with me. I love making new friends so just add a comment if you want an add.

Please comment first, don't just add me.

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17 February 2020 @ 12:19 pm

New Music Tuesday is a place for anyone who wants to discuss in a civilized manner new music from all genres, albeit alternative to classical music. As long as it makes you smile, you can discuss it here.

Weekly, I will post new album releases from an assortment of bands and artists, and fortunately, this year has a wide variety of musicals acts with upcoming new material. It's been a good year for music so far and seemed to not be slowing down.

Also, if you want to contribute a new album that I don't mention from an emerging band or just want to talk about a song that makes you smile today, feel free to leave a comment. This isn't just a place to talk about new music, but all music. So join in on the fun!
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05 September 2010 @ 08:50 pm

I saw this at someone else's LJ and thought it was a lovely idea.

Post anything that you want here, and post it anonymously. A story, a secret,
a confession, a fear, a love, what you think of me, your parents, boyfriend/girlfriend, anything
Just make it honest. Make sure to post anonymously and honestly.
Post as many times as you'd like. Than put this in your LJ to see what others have to say.

Spread the love!

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21 August 2009 @ 01:56 am


Yes, I'm doing one. I'm sorry. Please cut me from your list. I wish you luck in all your future endeavors and good luck in life.

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Ew... I hate these. If you still want to be friends, just send me a PM, and I'll gladly add you back. This is based on active comments/entries.
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